A downloadable THE Rolling Stone for Windows

Skip tutorial on PC is "SPACE BAR" and "Start" is "ENTER key"
Current known bug: don't press Start before skipping tutorial pops up.

The goal is to kill the thieves that wants to steal your treasures using the rolling ball.
To move the ball left joystick on Xbox and arrows on PC
To dash right joystick on Xbox and WSAD on PC,  The dash will be required to kill the shield bearers because they are strong enough to push you back.
The ball must roll constantly or you lose. When the ball becomes red, it means that your speed is too high, so if you hit a wall while being red you also lose.
On the left, it is the score bar, to win you must fill the bar in yellow (no win screen at moment), and the blue bar is the dash energy bar.


WebGL.rar 15 MB
PC.zip 26 MB

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